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About Enviro Tech

Enviro-tech will be at the forefront of revolutionising tech product retail, driving a culture change that will see consumers and businesses reject fast fashion tech products and choose high-quality, affordable and sustainable used tech.


In recent years the march towards a green economy that truly embraces the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle has accelerated. Consumers are now resisting resource wastage,
fast fashion and constant tech model upgrades with no meaningful performance improvements but hefty price tags. Enviro-tech aims to help consumers transition off the never-ending conveyor belt of new expensive tech upgrades, to use tech products that are high-quality,
affordable and environmentally conscious. For a generation where fighting climate change is everything, by fully utilising social media and dynamic campaigns, Enviro-tech will make used tech products truly fashionable and provide consumers and businesses with
high-quality, affordable and sustainable tech products.

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